Shoal Creek @ W. 5th St. Austin, TX

April 24, 2011

Shoal Creek is notorious for flooding every time it rains in Austin.  The shoal creek trail is used for both recreation and commuters.  At this location the side walk has actually been destroyed by raging water and users of the path actually have to go into the creek bed  to make their  way around the debris.  There are high rise condos on either side of the creek built upon steep concrete walls.

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  1. Good locations! I remember hearing stories from my parents about the “Memorial Day Flood” that drowned 13 people and caused millions in damages. That was back in 1981… definitely scary stuff.

  2. I remember driving around here once. The Road definitely has dip in elevation. It looks like the Shoal Creek Trail is a good place for water to flow during during a storm into the street.

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