West Uhland Road, San MArcos, TX

April 1, 2013

Uhland Road Behind The Zone apartments. Nearest intersection is River Road. It is a known low water crossing in town, it has a sign and water level gauge.

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  1. I agree. Water levels at this crossing are high. A gate is closed when the road is inaccessible.

  2. Yes,I agree also because this is one of the few areas I found was this Upland road which gets pretty flooded in a rain storm.

  3. I agree as well. I have seen the this road covered by over 8 inches of water. so much water, that I have had to take my shoes of and walk my bicycle across the road.

  4. I’ve seen this water crossing dozens of times taking the bobcat bus to Campus. It’s a shame you are not allowed to fish there at all. I know I’ve seen dozens of fish there during the last flash flood. :'(

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