1975 aquarena springs drive and uhland

April 5, 2011

This is a low water crossing located behind the Zone apartment complex. There is a gate and a stop sign located just before the low water crossing. When heavy rain occurs, it is incredibly dangerous, and the gates may then be locked around the road.

4 Responses to “1975 aquarena springs drive and uhland”

  1. Agreed. This one is right by my apartments and always has someone trying to “float their wagon across” when there’s water on the bridge. Oregon Trail references aside, you beat me to this one by mere minutes…..i was sad.

  2. aw im sorry about that. i always see cars trying to cross when its flooded over. its the one i see most in san marcos. there another low water crossing by 5 mile dam if you want to do that one!

  3. I agree. I’ve seen this low water crossing before and it is dangerous when it rains a lot!

  4. Agree. I used to live at Villagio Apartments on Aquarena and used to walk down to the river after a hard rain to see the damage. The gate was always closed. I was also rather sad that you beat me to this location 🙁 I was going to take an awesome pic and everything!

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